Église Saint-Eustache

Le Noir de l'étoile


Le Noir de l'étoile unites six spatialized percussionists and the sound signal from a dying star, Vela, recorded by a gigantic radio telescope.

Pulsar de VelaMusic with a pulsar is therefore compulsory, both the tempos and the timing of the presentation are set to this faraway clock. This is the original idea of the work created by Grisey during his sojourn at Berkeley in California.

The voice of the astrophysician Jean-Pierre Luminet introduces this study on time and rhythm that a guest pulsar, a "celestial drummer", interrupts with its latest cracklings.


  • Gérard Grisey Le Noir de l'étoile


Les Percussions de Strasbourg

An IRCAM-Centre Pompidou production. With the support of the Sacem.

Photo: Pulsar de Vela © NASA/CXC/PSU/G.Pavlov et al.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008, 10pm / Église Saint-Eustache

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Day by day / June, 2008