Expressivity in Music and Speech

The analysis of expressivity in speech and musical performance has created two emerging multidisciplinary scientific research fields.

The parallelism between different studies on the role of prosody (verbal and/or instrumental) in expressivity has caused new questions that touch both domains to surface. This symposium brings together experts from both the artistic and the scientific worlds and focuses on two major issues.

Firstly, how is the expressivity that is found in both speech and music to be defined (what semantic field, what category)? Secondly, what acoustic elements common to both speech and music are necessary for the description of these expressivities?

Composers, scientists, performers, and musicologists will all contribute to the debate. The two days of discussion being held at IRCAM are a part of the Expressivity in MUsic and Speech series (EMUS) being held in Lyon, Paris, and Campinas (Brazil).

Programming: Andrew Gerzso, Xavier Rodet

With the support of the CO-ME-DI-A project (EACEA - The European Union's Projet Culture 2007-2013).

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Day by day / June, 2008