Le Tourbillon du temps

Landing for the first time on the shores of IRCAM, Beat Furrer symptomatically chose the myth of Ulysse and the Lotus-eaters who forgot their homeland due to the food they ate.

In the premiere of Lotófagos II, Beat Furrer's emblematic vocal style can be heard, evolving in real and in virtual space.

The final concert of the Agora festival closes with a masterpiece by Grisey, a "story of an arpege in space and time". Beginning with a simple motif from Ravel's Daphnis, the tremendous future of Vortex Temporum plays with the erosion of our own memories. Beginning with a celebratory time followed by a dilated time and closing with the constricted time of the fulgurate finale, Vortex now whirls in the memory of past and present listeners.


Tora Augestad soprano
Ursula Langmayr soprano
Uli Fussenegger double bass
Klangforum Wien
Conductor Beat Furrer
IRCAM Computer Music Design Éric Daubresse, Benoit Meudic

  • Beat Furrer Lotófagos II commissioned by Radio Classique/fonds Mauricio Pollini/Klangforum Wien/IRCAM-Centre Pompidou, World Premiere
  • Beat Furrer Lotófagos I, French Premiere

Ensemble Court-circuit
Pierre-André Valade Conductor

  • Gérard Grisey Vortex Temporum

An IRCAM-Centre Pompidou production. With the support of the Forum culturel autrichien and the Sacem.

Friday, June 20, 9pm / IRCAM, Espace de projection

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Day by day / June, 2008