Le Noir de l'étoile


Le Noir de l'étoile unites six spatialized percussionists and the sound signal from a dying star, Vela, recorded by a gigantic radio telescope.

  • 10pm / Église Saint-Eustache | Wednesday, June 4

Le Seuil du verbe

Opening concert

"A space opens into a space that half-opens, suggesting the infinite." Gérard Grisey on the Madonna del Parto by Piero della Francesca

  • 8pm / Cité de la musique, salle des concerts | Thursday, June 5

The Writings by Gérard Grisey

Presentation / round table discussion

The publication of the complete writings of Gérard Grisey by Musica Falsa editons recounts the adventure of an imposing aesthetic and oeuvre.

  • 5pm / IRCAM, salle Igor-Stravinsky | Saturday, June 7


Quatre Chants pour franchir le seuil are a sort of musical meditation on the death of an angel, of civilization, of the voice, and of humanity. Four songs for four distinct eras: Christian, Egyptian, Greek, and Mesopotamian civilizations.

  • 9pm / Centre Pompidou, Grande salle | Saturday, June 7

Le Tourbillon du temps

Landing for the first time on the shores of IRCAM, Beat Furrer symptomatically chose the myth of Ulysse and the Lotus-eaters who forgot their homeland due to the food they ate.

  • 9pm / IRCAM, Espace de projection | Friday, June 20
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Day by day / June, 2008