Privileged sponsor of innovation at IRCAM, the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation encourages young talents in the fields of culture and media. Bringing together creativity, research, and solidarity, the foundation is opening new avenues with its partnership with IRCAM by supporting a doctoral thesis, co-financing Mutations of Matter (a Cursus 2 project) as well as the "Studios of Creation" and Com que voz during the Agora Festival.

With the support of

IRCAM is member

  • of the réseau Varèse, a European network that encourages music creation and circulation, supported by the European Commission's Culture 2000 program.

In collaboration with

  • L'Église Saint-Eustache
  • Instant Pluriel
  • L'Institut finlandais à Paris
  • Le Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord
  • Le Théâtre du Châtelet

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The Agora 2008 Team

IRCAM, a non-profit organization under the aegis of the Centre Georges Pompidou, is supported by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.

Artistic Director and Programming Frank Madlener

Coordination Suzanne Berthy

Scientific Event and Encounter Programming Andrew Gerzso | Florence Quilliard | Hugues Vinet | Sylvie Benoit | Xavier Rodet | Olivier Warusfel | Cyril Béros | Anne Becker | Céline Chouffot | Fleur Gire

Production Alain Jacquinot | Pascale Bondu | Agnès Fin | Anne Guyonnet | Jérémie Henrot | Thomas Leblanc | Maxime Le Saux | Clément Marie | Joachim Olaya | David Poissonnier | Laetitia Scalliet

Communication Claire Marquet | Dany Baudouin | Murielle Ducas | Sylvia Gomes | Aude Grandveau | Deborah Lopatin

Website Delphine Oster

Ticket Office and Forum Stéphanie Racco | Alexandra Guzik | Stéphanie Leroy

Presse Relations Opus 64 | Valérie Samuel | Amélie de Pange | Arnaud Pain

Scientific Presse Relations Eracom | Estelle Reine-Adélaïde

Design, Production BelleVille 2008

Cover © Anish Kapoor, Marsyas, 2002, PVC and steel. Inst: Tate Modern, 2002-2003. Photo: John Riddy, Courtesy of: Tate, London. Acknowledgements Lisson Gallery

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